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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine gift ideas for him, perfect valentine ideas for him, romantic valentines gift ideas for him, sexy valentines gift ideas for him, and masculine valentines gift ideas for your man are what he needs this valentine.

The valentine period is that season of love that should be laden with different valentines gift ideas for him, or don’t you think your man deserves a valentine gift.

I am sure most ladies feel the male gender should be left to do all the gifting for reasons best known to them. But, doesn’t that seem partial?

What happened to what a man can do, a woman can do better?

For the ladies, we totally agree that thinking of that special amazing valentines gift ideas for him can be very tasking. Questions like:

Will he like it?

Won’t the gift seem girly to him?

Hope I won’t come off as overbearing?

Does this gift have any worth?

These are mostly what ladies think about valentines gift ideas for him on valentines day.

With less than a month to the big day, we are sure you’re freaking out on what to get that will be absolutely perfect. The pressure of finding that perfect gift just keeps getting higher.

If you’re facing such problems as a lady, then do not worry as this post is just for you. We are going to be listing 30 amazing valentines day gift ideas for him.

After going through our valentines gift ideas for him, all that will be left for you is to figure out where to purchase these stuffs or package it in an endearing way.

One would be surprised at the various items that a lady can give as a gift to her boyfriend. A gift that comes from a lady to a guy tends to be endearing and more treasured because the effort put into purchasing that gift cannot be denied.

Do Women Give Men a Gift on Valentines Day?

Whether you want it or not, Valentine’s day is very close and  whether you’re a fan of the holiday or not, you probably thought about what romantic thing you should do or buy for your significant other.

But as a the lady, Do Women Give Men a Gift on Valentines Day?

Do you know that $18.2 billion are spent on Valentine’s Day gifts and on average, men spend twice as much as women, paying $160 for the gift. But how important is it really for you to get your man a gift for Valentine’s Day?


“We had this discussion at work yesterday with some colleague. male and female). And a male friend said he can’t even remember ever getting a gift for Valentines Day.

He claimed that he has been the one always doing the gift giving or taking his girlfriends (before he was married) or wife to dinner etc. Honestly I don’t care about Valentines Day or getting a gift, but I know my wife would be upset if I didn’t do something special for her. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, Ladies, please don’t tell me that sex is your gift because that is BS.”

It’s an absolute truth that money doesn’t buy love, but there is much more to gift-giving than we are aware of. Scientists have found that gift-giving is humanity’s universal behavior and is a form of reciprocity or exchange that helps build relationships.

The gifts we give are not the goal of gift-giving, what really matters is the act of gifting and the relationship behind it.

Now that you know why gift giving is important, you might feel under pressure, but don’t worry. Buying the right gift isn’t actually that hard, especially when it’s for someone we love.

Also bare in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect gifts. There are great gifts and good enough gifts. Great gifts show how much you know and appreciate your partner, and good-enough gifts still show your love and attention

“It’s not that hard to find Valentine’s gift”

Below are 30 valentines gift ideas for him you can get for your boyfriend on valentine day:


Are there certain brands of briefs you admire seeing on guys?

Do you feel a certain urge to change your boyfriend’s briefs wardrobe?

What better way to gift him that special CALVIN you want to see on him than on valentine day


You might love to swim, but your boyfriend doesn’t love swimming or just cannot swim.

What better way to ease the idea of learning how to swim into him than gifting him with swim set on valentine day? This little gesture can start to lit the interest to swim in him.

Even if he can swim, it won’t hurt to get him a new swim set


Where do you think your boyfriend stacks his cash that is readily available when you make your request? Well get him a brand new appealing and durable wallet for valentine so you be sure that the money is always intact.


It’s no secret that ladies dig the twinning concept a lot, always wanting to have similar items with bae yeah?

Get cool sweatpants for him as his valentine present, and get a similar one for yourself so you guys can always twin when you both step out.

Put your romance game on!


Many might feel that stickers are girly, but trust me when I say that picture stickers tend to be a cute idea for valentine gift.

Get him picture stickers of you both that he can stick on his phone and basically anywhere he wishes. It serves as a reminder of your love whenever he beholds them.


A tee-shirt might seem like a regular easy last resort gift to get for him, but a customized tee shirt goes a long way.

You can brand the shirt with his name, favourite artist, football club, his picture, or even a picture of you both. You can never go wrong with a customized tee shirt as one or part of your valentines gift for him.


Get him a sweatshirt or valentine and customize it with sweet words that will mean a lot to him. The thought and effort you put in will surely go a long way.


A scrapbook is basically a picture book. Yes, this may seem like another ‘girly’ idea, but trust me it’s not.

Design a scrapbook filled with pictures depicting memories you both have shared. This will constantly serve as a reminder of the love between you both to him. A scrapbook is one of my top valentines gift ideas for men.


Football is one of the numerous ways to a guys heart. Giving him a jersey of his favorite football club as a valentine isn’t a bad idea, especially if he is a die-hard fan. It will also give him a sense of fulfillment that his girlfriend is aware of his football interest.

10 A CD

Did his favorite artist just drop a new album? Get him a CD of the album as valentines gift.

On the other hand, you can make a compilation of all his favorite songs and put them in a CD and give it to him. We have some compilation of love songs for him though, or even bring it home and make his playlist exclusively Nigerian.

This shows that you are caring, and also very aware of his music interest.


One cannot deny that sunglasses on a guy, is totally another total level of sexy!!! Don’t we all love that bad boy vibe?

Your boyfriend might be in need of new aviators, and the valentine period presents itself as a perfect season to give them to him.


Most guys are very fond of gaming. Gift him with a brand new console for valentine. He won’t forget such a gift easily. You both can also have cute moments together by gaming.

Even if you have no idea about gaming, acknowledging his interest on them gets to his heart.


Who said girls are the only lovers of chocolates? You would be surprised how elated a guy can get after getting a box of chocolates.

Get your guy a box for that chocolatey goodness for valentine. It’s a very simple, yet perfect ideal valentine gift for him.


Who just doesn’t love jamming up? You cannot go wrong with headsets as everyone loves them.

Get him those headsets to jam up to his favorite songs. He’ll surely love you for them.


You know those adorable neck pieces yeah?

Won’t it be more adorable if you and your boyfriend have same of those stuffs? Guys are huge fans of neckpieces so it serves as a perfect idea to get them for him. It’s simple but elegant.


Belts are wonderful accessories on guy and also a perfect valentine gift; you might have been eyeing that particular belt and imagining how it’s going to look on your guy. Well, this is a perfect opportunity to make your imagination come true. You can also go the extra mile and get it crested.

Asos is presently offering up to 70% off their sales of belt, and you can source through their catalog to get your valentines day gift ideas for him. Even Jumia Nigeria is presently offering about 60% off their sales all in the spirit of valentine!

Don’t you think this is the perfect time to get him that exclusive belt?


The same way a lady needs certain accessories to step out and stand out, the same way a guy need certain accessories.

Wristwatches are an essential accessory for a guy and you can’t afford your boyfriend to be without one. Even if he has a watch already, there’s no harm in him having varieties to choose from. A cool watch can make a guy extra sexy.


Running out of time or trying to be thrifty in getting him a gift?

This is the easiest valentine gift to give your boyfriend. Some people may feel valentine cards are not meant to be given to guys, but there’s no law against it.

What matters most is the message it carries, because it’s a card doesn’t mean that just any valentine card can go. It needs to be carefully selected.


Is your boyfriend fond of nature?

Is he environment-conscious?

Does he have a passion for photography?

Does he love making memories and keeping them for future references?

digital camera would be the perfect valentine gift for him if he has all these traits. Get him a camera and let him capture and treasure those cute lovey-dovey moments you both usually have.


Like most people say, regular is boring.

For valentine, get him a customized phone casing. It should be something masculine that depicts him. Or, let the casing be a picture of you both. After all, it’s the season of love


The importance and leverage food gives in a man’s life can never be overemphasized.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Spice things up and take your boyfriend on a date on valentine day. Yes! Be the one to take him out; it could be to his favorite restaurant or eatery.

After all, what a man can do a woman can do better yeah?

Plan your boyfriend an unforgettable date. You know that new Chinese restaurant you been wanting to go? Now you both can go together.

Trust me; he isn’t bound to forget such gesture anytime soon.


Guys just love wearing stuffs on their hands, thus making wrist bands another perfect gift! You can either purchase one or put in that extra effort and make a wrist band for him. Just remember that the thought and effort is what matters.

Trust me, cut and exquisite wrist bands are the new cool.


If a girl can expect a guy to buy her a phone as valentine, then who says your boyfriend won’t be hoping from you? Just remember it’s all in the season in love!

Is there a particular brand of phone your boyfriend has been fantasizing about?  Well surprise him and get the phone for him as a valentine gift.

24 iPod

Guys and music are usually associated. Imagine how elated your boyfriend will feel when you gift him an iPod? This is a wonderful idea for a valentine gift.


Who doesn’t love cakes?

This is another easy idea for valentine gift. You can easily order one for your boyfriend or you can as well bake one for him.


Are there a particular men spray you love?

Get the spray for your boyfriend as his valentine gift.

Now, you get your favorite men spray on your man!!! That’s a two in one package.


Guys also really love sneakers.

All the creepers, Nike, Yeezy, Fenty, and some other fancy sneakers would make a whole lot of sense.

Girls also really love them. Well, get your favourite sneakers for your man as his valentine gift.


This is another accessory that will go well on guys. You could get matching rings for you and your guy, so you guys can twin.

It may be small, but I’m sure he’ll cherish them especially since it’s from you.


This is another valentine gift idea for your man.

Cuff-links are also essential accessories guys need as they come in handy in corporate situations. Another simple gift, but he’ll treasure them especially as they are coming from a special someone.


We all need key holders at certain points in life; For the house, office and even cars, key-holders sure come in handy.

Instead of getting him regular key holders, customize the key holder to something that entails him.

It may be his nickname, football club, or even you guys couple ship name. Just let him know that the keyholder is a special one. Now that you have seen the various valentines gift ideas for him. Why not get ahead of him and leverage our valentines gift ideas for him to serve him your choice of gift ideas.

Are you a wife that is looking for pretty cute gift ideas for your husband, you can also check this post for more.


Do you have other valentine gift ideas for your man? Do me a favor, drop it/them in the comment section below, let’s have fun!

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