The Best Christmas Onesies Buying Guide For 2022

While some people enjoy wearing Christmas sweaters, Christmas onesies are the way to go if you want to feel the coziest possible. A Christmas onesie is the ideal costume if you have low-key holiday plans that include cuddling up, watching holiday movies, and indulging in copious amounts of food. Since there isn’t one, you don’t even have to worry about the waistline catching on your food when you overindulge!

Objectively speaking, a Christmas onesie’s design is what really counts. Onesies come in a wide variety, so you’re sure to find one you adore. They range from subdued holiday patterns to full-on Santa costumes. It’s crucial to get a onesie that fits the wearer properly. Comfort is important, therefore it shouldn’t be overly tight or too big. You should also think about additional characteristics, such if you want feet, a hood, or a rear flap.


The majority of Christmas onesies can be machine washed and tumble dried on low, but it’s essential to double-check the directions.



Children’s and adult Christmas onesies come in a variety of sizes. On sometimes, you’ll come across an adult onesie that comes in only one size, but this can result in the onesie being too big for some wearers, too tiny for others, and the ideal size for only a select few people. Onesies are more comfortable when they are suitably roomy, so even if you know your typical size, you might wish to go up one or two sizes.

One further problem is that some onesies don’t fit totally true to size, so you could purchase one size larger than normal just to discover that it is far too tiny. For a correct fit, we suggest taking your measurements and using the size chart.


The exciting part now is choosing your Christmas onesie’s design. If you don’t already have a design in mind, it might be difficult to focus your search after quickly discovering a wide range of festive patterns. Some Christmas rompers are costume rompers meant to transform you into a holiday figure. For instance, you may buy Santa onesies that have the traditional red and white outfit with faux fur at the collar and cuffs and reindeer onesies that are primarily brown with a white chest and antlers on the hood. Then there are patterned onesies, which are covered in joyful designs. Onesie designs for Christmas typically feature designs of Christmas trees, gingerbread men, snowflakes, and reindeer.


Your total comfort greatly depends on the material you choose. Onesies made of fleece are a typical choice. They keep you warm and feel really soft, but the issue is that they cause many individuals to feel uncomfortably heated. You might want to avoid wearing a fleece onesie unless you live somewhere where the winters are very chilly.

Onesies made of cotton jersey are constructed of a naturally breathable fabric similar to t-shirts so you won’t become too hot. A cotton jersey is your best option if the holiday weather is going to be moderate or if you plan to have your thermostat set quite high.

Flannel shirts and pajamas are typically made of cotton flannel fabric. Like other cotton materials, it is breathable yet warmer and cozier than cotton jerseys. This enables you to stay warm without getting too hot.



There are Christmas onesies with built-in feet. An version with feet could be preferred if you want the coziest onesie available. But occasionally the feet can be useless if they aren’t detachable. For example, the feet might not fit in your shoes if you try to put them on to take the garbage out, and if you walk in a spill, you’ll either need to change out of your onesie or put up with damp feet.


Onesie hoods not only provide warmth and comfort, some even add ears or antlers to the design to make it more appealing.

Closure type

Most Christmas onesies include zip closures, which make it simple and quick to open and close them. Onesies without buttons or snaps are rarely found and are far less practical.


Uugly sweater for Christmas: It seems sense that if you enjoy Christmas onesies, you might also enjoy Christmas sweaters. You won’t want to spend the entire day in your onesie, after all, so you’ll need a colorful change of clothes.

Christmas garlands: Another essential Christmas adornment is the Christmas garlands. Garland works beautifully to decorate mantelpieces, stair banisters, doors, and anything else you can think of.

Christmas stockings: In addition to serving as a location for Santa to put gifts, Christmas stockings also make lovely holiday decorations.


Examine the zipper. Make sure your onesie’s zipper extends long enough to allow for simple removal. This will make using the restroom less of a problem.

Think about getting your dog a onesie. There are a few Christmas onesies that feature matching alternatives for dogs if you have a canine partner who is an equal member of your family to your human kin.

Consider doing some laundry. Onesies with hood bobbles and pompoms on the drawstrings may appear festive, but they don’t usually wash well.

Place your order as soon as possible. Unsure of the fit completely? Order your Christmas onesies early enough to have time to return them and, if necessary, place an order for a larger or smaller replacement before Christmas.



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