Easy DIY instructions for Santa hat decorations

With the help of this straightforward tutorial and free pattern, you can create adorable DIY Santa hat ornaments in under five minutes.

You can even allow your children to make these enjoyable 3-D ornaments because it’s so simple.

DIY Santa hat decorations in 5 minutes

You can quickly create a large number of Santa hats for your tree or to give as small Christmas presents. In addition, you can use this Santa ornament to spruce up your holiday mantel without using the hanging loop.

easy DIY Santa hats tutorial

To give it more structure and body, I chose a polyester imitation burlap cloth, but you could also use cotton fabric with fusible interfacing. Since you probably won’t wash these ornaments or use them very much, there’s no need to worry about the edges unraveling. Anyhow, the stitching lines stop additional fraying.

My decorations were hung with a gold elastic cord. Hemp twine, glittery threads, peppermint twine, and tiny ribbons are further options.

Without the loop, the finished hat is about 5 inches tall.

DIY Santa hats decorationsSewing equipment

Free PDF template for a Santa hat decoration
Lace edging
Ribbon, twine, or elastic cord
pompoms in white
sewing device
Pencil and thread

Easy and quick DIY instructions for creating Santa hat ornaments

Step 1

From the cloth you have selected, cut one pattern piece.

cut pattern piece for DIY Santa hat ornament

Step 2

Stitch along the curved edge of the lace trim after aligning it with the bottom of your pattern piece. I just used a straight stitch, although a zigzag pattern would also work.

attach lace trim DIY Christmas ornament

Step 3

Fold your ribbon or twine in half to create a loop for hanging.
Tip: To prevent the loop from coming undone when using a thin cord, tie the ends of the cord in a knot.

sandwich hanging loop inside ornament

Step 4

Using sewing clips, fold the pattern piece in half right sides together while sandwiching it upside down at the top. Stitch across both layers and the loop while following the straight edge.

sewing clips DIY ornament

Remember to backstitch at the start of your stitch line, over the edges of the loops, and at the finish.

sewing Christmas ornaments tutorial

Step 5

Turn the Santa hat ornament right side out. Attach a white pompom to the top of your ornament using hand stitches or a hot glue gun.
Your Santa hat ornaments are now ready to hang!

Make sure to save this quick DIY project for inspiration!


Pablo Stanley

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