8 Holiday Earrings You Can Wear Around Christmas

To me, Christmas is a most wonderous time filled with loved ones, gift-giving and of course, celebration. I consider dressing up nicely for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be a tradition. I honestly look forward to those two days of the year most, because I can bring out my fancy tops or show off my lovely dresses without being considered overdressed. Naturally, these outfits wouldn’t be complete without a bit of jewelry, and what better option than a pair of gorgeous earrings? Earrings are some of the most exquisite accessories a woman can flaunt, and I guarantee that you’ll have a difficult time picking your favorite from these eight festive earrings below.

1. Delicate Snowflakes

Snowflakes are quite common to see this time of the year, and each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. So, why not bring that elegant beauty into a pair of earrings? These simulated crystal snowflake earrings from Kohl’s are sophisticated, yet won’t put a large dent in your wallet if you decide to purchase them. I love these festive earrings because they look iridescent, and remind me of snow sparkling in all different colors when the sun hits it just right. The detail that goes into this pair of earrings is stunning, and I like how they added a tiny silver ball on the end of each point of the snowflake. You can’t go wrong with these snowflake earrings, plus, you can wear them for the whole winter season!

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas
2. Bejeweled Lights 

Christmas lights are an integral part of this holiday, and are seen on most houses in every neighborhood. There’s just something about them that feels simply enchanting. Of course, there are those people who have to make it a competition, but that just makes Christmas lights all the more enjoyable in my opinion. These festive earrings from Target are a fun and beautiful way to show off your love for Christmas lights! This pair of earrings feature a variety of colored acrylic crystals that mimic the look of traditional light bulbs on a gold drop chain. These earrings are also lightweight enough to be worn all day, or all night, comfortably, for which your ears will thank you for. Spice up your Christmas outfit with these festive earrings for some colorful flare.

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas

3. Christmas Bow

One of my favorite parts about this holiday is the bows that go on top of the wrapped gifts. Don’t ask me why, I’ve just always found them to be delightful and pretty to look at. The shiny ones are my absolute favorites! This pair of festive green bow earrings from Walmart are just too endearing to pass up. Though they are simple in design and made of metal, they accurately capture the classic Christmas bow look perfectly. The good news about these earrings is that they don’t have the chance of accidentally unraveling if handled a little too roughly. I’m sure most of us have been there with those flimsy gift bows, but that fact doesn’t make me love them any less. So, go out and be your own Christmas present to everyone this year with these fabulous earrings!

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas

4. Simple Snowman

With the winter season comes snow, and with snow comes snowmen. An innocent part of most of our childhoods; building a snowman was always so magical. I guess we can thank Frosty the Snowman for that. These elegant earrings from Macy’s perfectly capture the quiet beauty that hides behind a snowman. A black hat with a silver-tone crystal band sits atop two stacked imitation pearls with a bejeweled green and red scarf in this pair of festive drop earrings. I simply love that there’s no need for coal eyes or a carrot nose. These earrings are the definition of delicate beauty, and you’ll be wanting to show off these adorable snowmen in no time.

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas
5. Dazzling Christmas Tree  

Naturally, Christmas trees are seen around every corner during this time of the year, and are decorated in the most beautiful fashion. Christmas trees are truly special, and another one of my favorite decorations. This pair of stunning rose gold earrings from Kohl’s feature a simulated crystal swirl tree with a star on top. These festive earrings are sophisticated, and because of the crystals, gleam like a real Christmas tree would. I honestly like how they went with a rose gold coloring instead of something like a silver; the rose gold brings out the design of these earrings that much more. So, if you’re a lover of Christmas trees, then these earrings are the ideal choice!

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas

6. Santa’s Sleigh

I feel like snow globes aren’t often seen around Christmas time anymore. Perhaps they simply fell out of fashion? If so, then that’s a true shame because I think they’re a beautiful indulgence that should be kept alive. I’ve had one snow globe that was given to me by my dad when I was eight or nine, and have always treasured it and proudly displayed everywhere I’ve lived over the years. Which is why these snow globe earrings from Target invoked that sentimental part of me when I saw them. Featured inside these glitter flecked earrings are two reindeer pulling Santa in his sleigh, and the detail is simply wonderful. This pair of festive earrings are for those of us who want to connect with our childlike wonder of Christmas.

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas

7. Candy Canes

Candy canes are a cheerful part of the Christmas season; whether you eat them or use them as decoration for your tree. They are another symbolic part of this time of the year, and are featured in many foods and drinks. Who doesn’t love a delectable piece of peppermint bark or a hot steaming cup of peppermint mocha? This pair of festive candy cane earrings from Walmart are the epitome of charming! They feature the classic red and white candy cane with a golden bow and three simulated crystals in a drop earring fashion. They honestly look almost good enough to eat! The added golden bow is truly a nice touch, and makes these candy canes look like lovely Christmas presents. These festive earrings should definitely be on your list of must-have jewelry!

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas

8. Poinsettias

A most classic Christmas tradition that is both beautiful and smells amazing is the Poinsettia. These gorgeous flowers are usually seen in those fancy restaurants and shops during the Christmas season. They’re one of the reasons that I love visiting the Brown Palace in Downtown Denver this time of the year. These lovely triple drop earrings from Macy’s are both delicate and whimsical to look at. This pair of festive earrings feature three red and gold poinsettias with accented gold tone crystals that make for a simply dazzling display. I’m in love with the pure elegance of these earrings, and how they can be the perfect choice to wear with your favorite little black dress.

8 Festive Earrings To Wear For Christmas
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