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That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Glory at the cost of bloodshed

“The just concluded Defence Expo is anti-Christain”, remarked the 12-year-old Benito.

  “Except for St Francis Xavier’s Exposition, how can some exposition  related to defence  be linked to religion'” I wondered, as I waited for an explanation from the son who lately has been coming forth with rare arguments,  “This expo primarily involves merchants of death and destruction, focusing on demolishing humanity. The race concerns how one can be more efficient in killing. The target is humans, not animals or any other living creature. Its so unchristain and yet nobody, including Human Rights or the Church has protested, except for locals from Betul, that too, because their communidade land is being sought to be usurped by  the government for  some greater goal of defence dream. Perhaps even to create a defence hub in the area. And all along, no body seems to be sensitive to the blood which will be shed as a result of mechanical accuracy in decimation of human life.”

I fully endorsed Benito’s views. A significant percentage of human efficiency was being wasted on nonsensical pride -- into preparing more efficient engines of war. If these went into farming and making life luxurious, this itself would be a paradise. But the BJP government has hiked the defence budget. Its as if, defence and arms is food grains of the masses. Such a paradox when farmers are committing suicide! 

“I think the arms race is  for glory,” I said “Glory at the cost of blood!”

“Who wants this outayapon' I prefer to live like a hermit amongst crabs and birds, rather than see these machines commit brutality asnd genocide in the crazy race for so-called  glory.”

“This is the same skewed logic of nationalism which we heard reverberating at Jawharlal Nehru University, which resulted in sedition charge against Khanaya Kumar. For that matter, even the Church is guilty of supporting nationalism.  In my opinion nationalism is a sin”, said Benito, adding, “because nationalism divides humans, promotes selfishness, ego, boundaries…even deny free flow of persons from one country to another, as if one counry is heaven and there is hell the other side and yet we ironically claim to be  children of God. Wars and killings will exists as long as nationalism and borders exists. ”

Again, I agreed with the 12-year-old. “Nationalism means hatred to another country and patriotism tantamounts to treason to humanity. It  is because of this attitude, thousands of wars have been fought, resulting in bloodshed and pain. What people are working at the Defence Expo is eventually to create a Hiroshima which we have not yet experienced and that’s  why the madness continues. Why else are the Japans peace-seekers today'


  - Bosco de Souza Eremita : Saturday, April 09, 2016
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